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Our scope of services includes planning and implementation of your cloud platform or Linux operating infrastructure, introduction and maintenance of your IT systems, development of enterprise software solutions, as well as consistent quality control procedures, in order to quickly detect and remove potential safety holes and defects in your IT.

Over the past few years we have focused, in particular, on the automation of processes around system environments for companies, for example of Red Hat Satellite 6 system environments. This is why we brought our own software, A.I.O. - Automated Intelligent Operator, to the market. 
A.I.O. simplifies sophisticated processes, like Patch Management or Host Provisiong (provisioning of systems), in a pleasant and resource-conserving way for companies. One mouse click is all that it takes. In this way, we can keep your IT up to date on all the latest technical modifications of time and make sure that your system environment is efficient, reliable and secure at all times.

Together we develop and implement the perfect solution for your IT project.
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