Patch Management

We are your specialist in Patch Management

We make sure that the software categories within your system environment are always updated.
In this way, we ensure that every system in the network is up to date.

This procedure is essential to protect systems and software from malware.
Moreover, the susceptibility to security gaps and bugs is reduced significantly.

Stay technically up to date

New software features are necessary for a reliable, efficient, and secure system environment. Therefore, they should be implemented swiftly.
This procedure makes sure that your system environment performs smoothly and quickly.

Close potential safety holes

This point is of great importance as unauthorized persons can gain access to your systems, company data or even the entire network through security vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is important to execute the patch management process quickly and regularly to reduce the chance of unauthorized persons gaining access to company-owned systems.

If the patch management process is executed unreliably, irregularly or incorrectly, it can lead, not only to a high loss of productivity, but also to enormous security problems. That's why we know how important an initial needs assessment is, in which we thoroughly explore and record your requirements. This is how we create solution-oriented processes that are fully aligned with your company.

In addition to the classic patch management, we offer a fully automated software solution: A.I.O.

A.I.O.: Patch Management as a fully automated software solution

To make maintenance services for companies as pleasant as possible, we have also developed an innovative and future-oriented software solution which executes the Patch Management processes in a fully automated manner for our customers – with just one mouse click.

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