A.I.O. - Automated Intelligent Operator

For the automation of your Red Hat Satellite 6 environment

In 2017, a dream came true for us with the development of A.I.O., our Automated Intelligent Operator.
A.I.O. is our innovative software solution, which automates processes around Red Hat Satellite 6 environments
for our customers.

And this is how it works: A.I.O. acts as an interface between your company and Red Hat Satellite 6. 
In this way, A.I.O. is able to simplify sophisticated processes, like Patch Management, Host Provisiong
(provisioning of systems) or installation and configuration of Red Hat Satelite 6 Servers and Red Hat Satellite 6
Capsule Servers , in a pleasant and resource-conserving way for you. One mouse click is all that it takes.

A.I.O. includes different features:

It is your choice whether you decide on one, several or all of our features to benefit from the innovative technology of A.I.O.
We are already working on the development of further features for you.


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